Narduzzi Rex Bradley


1986 Moves to New York, starts to paint while attending architectural school
1991 Receives a Junior Fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation
1987 - 1992 Architecture, Columbia University, NY, Bachelor
1992 Studies and Works at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum
1992 Extended Studies, Tolentini School of Architecture, Venice, Italy 1993Returns to New York and continues to paint, develops interest in contemporary furniture
1996 Launches a contemporary line of furniture
1998 Moves to Mexico City to oversee production of his furniture
2001 Starts painting again while residing in Mexico City

Selected Exhibitions

2007 State Museum, “19th Anniversary Contemporary Art”, Queretaro, Mexico
2007 Tampico Cultura Center, “Latitud 20 14 16 Arte Contemporaneo”, Tampico, Mexico
2007 La VIII Bienal De Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
2007 Ricardo Reyes Arte and Galeria Larte23Tres, Mexico City (solo)
2007 Borghi Fine Art, “Stuart Davis and his Contemporaries”, Englewood, NJ
2007 Michael Borghi, “Art 20, International Art Fair”, Armory, NY
2006 La Galeria, Malaga, Spain (solo)
2005 Casa Mayor, Mexico City (solo)
2005 R-Arte, Mexico City (solo)
2005 World Trade Center, “ArtFest 2005”, Mexico City, Mexico
2004 Museo De La Ciudad, “Artistas en Residencia”, Mexico City, Mexico
2004 Casa Mayor, Mexico City (solo)
2003 Casa Lamm, Mexico City (solo)
2003 Marconi, Mexico City (solo)
2003 Galleria Oscar Roman, Mexico City, Mexico
2003 Poltrona – Visual, Disponible, Mexico City, Mexico
2002 Omar Alonso Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2002 Galleria Aura, Mexico City (solo)


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Weekend With Ken. Acrílico sobre tela. 120 x 231 cm. 2009

Weekend With Ken. Acrílico sobre tela. 120 x 231 cm. 2009


Jack. Pintura automotriz sobre acero plegado. 120 x 189 x 14 cm. 2009

Jack. Pintura automotriz sobre acero plegado. 120 x 189 x 14 cm. 2009