Morales Beatriz

Born 1981 in Mexico City, has lived
and worked in Berlin for the past five
years. The main focus of her work is on
portrait painting and illustrative expressionism.
In her newest paintings, the young
artist presents an organic symbiosis
of finely detailed color field paintings
and expressive, figurative subjects and

Selected group exhibitions

2013 AU Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012 Berliner Liste Contemporary Art Fair, Berlin, Germany
2011 BlOOOM at the Art Fair Cologne, Germany
2011 Druckgraphik-Atelier, Berlin, Germany
2011 TAPIR, Berlin, Germany
2010 Berliner Kunstsalon 07 Takt Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2010 Druckgraphik-Atelier, Berlin, Germany
2009 Gallery Lavagna St. Paul de Vince, France
2008 Gallery Iris Schuhmacher, Berlin, Germany

Solo exhibitions

2014 Bosshardt/ Sikemeier, Binningen, Switzerland
2012 Kunstraum Tapir , Berlin, Germany
2009 TAKT, Sensitivo. Berlin, Germany
2009 Fondo de Cultura Economica Rosario Castellanos, Mexico City, Mexico
2006 Salone del Gusto, Turin, Italy
2006 Universitá di Scienze Gastronomiche, Pollenzo, Italy
2001 Casa Lamm Salon Proust, Mexico City, Mexico